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English Teaching

Project period: On going 

ARI currently provide English teachers to two private English Institutes, providing native English speakers facilitates and improves the business ventures of these local institutes. It also dramatically improves the quality of the students’ English. During 2009 ARI placed five teachers in these schools.

ARI oversees the classes organized by a donor and local Government, employs new instructors, interviews and tests prospective students, gives training to the teachers and helps the staff to become more professional.

ARI acts as educational and business consultant to a newly formed private English Institute.

ARI provides counsel in business management and ethics, teacher training, student assessment and curriculum development.

Completed Projects

ARI taught English to officers at the Residency and Passport Office. The goal is that these officers will more efficiently process foreigners who come through their office

An ARI worker was serving as Interim Director of an English Institute. This has enabled the owner / director to study overseas for six months to gain his Masters Degree in T.E.F.O.L.

From April 2008 to April 2009, ARI worked in cooperation with the English Department at a University to help students improve their English. ARI recruited native English speakers, 21 in total, who volunteered their time to creatively teach students in an informal language club on the campus.

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