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Oncology Training

ARI has been visiting the Hiwa Hospital twice per week with the purpose of researching opportunities for ARI to be involved in providing volunteer nursing care.

Since May 2011 ARI received permission from the Director of Health to provide a volunteer nurse to work with the nursing staff.

ARI have been participating two mornings per week.

ARI’s role is to give support to the patients and their carers and to give assistance to the nurses on specific oncology topics.

ARI has also been asked by the medical staff to prepare lectures on topics where there is a clear need for improvement in nursing care. In co-ordination with the nursing management ARI organized lectures on:

  • Extravasation

  • How to manage central venous access catheters

  • The Future

ARI will continue to work in the Hiwa hospital, and to prepare and give lectures as the need is expressed by nurses and/or doctors.

There is much need for more specialized, professional training in many aspects of treatment and care for cancer patients.

ARI’s contribution is just as a very small part in partnering with the local Ministry of Health to meet these needs.

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