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German Teaching

Location: Gesha Primary School

Project period: School year: 2008 – 2009

Project initiative: The German Teaching project was established as a parent initiative. Parents who returned from Europe wanted their children to continue to receive German Language teaching.

Project: With the permission and support from the Ministry of Education, the administration of the Gesha School, the parents and the ARI teachers the third year of German teaching project started again on the 26th November 2008.

Because there was a very great gap between the language abilities and age groups, it was necessary to have two teachers available for teaching.

For organisational reasons, there were only two lessons per week possible (instead of three like the years before).

For the first time ARI  was responsible for administration and tuition fees (For the German classes only).

A total of 18 students participated. More pupils were interested but the lack of transport opportunities made attendance impossible for some of them.

The German classes were appreciated by the children as well as the parents.

Growth in understanding and usage was evident.

At the end of the year the parents were invited for a presentation of a play and German songs.

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