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Optical Training

Project background

Valuable information has been gained through an investigation of the optical services in the governorate. The main need has been identified to have more well trained opticians who are able to produce quality work and meet the increasing demands of the customers/patients.

Project year 2016

ARI in partnership with the Aso Eye Hospital has initiated the planning to establish an Optician Training Centre in the Aso Eye Hospital.

This process has involved determining:

  1. The parameters of the project

  2. Investigating the availability of equipment and material needed to run a Training Centre and a shop

  3. Establishing contacts with suppliers in the Middle East for a sustainable future development

  4. Preparing a budget

  5. Searching and designing the location

  6. Developing a training curriculum for opticians that is culturally relevant and conforming to the current standard and products available on the market

  7. Defining the selection criteria of students.

A proposal has been handed in to the director of the Aso Eye Hospital and is in process of being approved by the Directorate of Health of the Governorate.

In addition to this project an ARI worker has regularly visited people carry out eye tests and helped them to improve their results.

Project goals and plans for 2016

The Optician Training Centre will run in partnership with the Department of Health with the following aims:

  1. Finishing the constructional changes of the room designated (mainly the workshop and the teaching room).

  2. The Eye Hospital provides all the equipment necessary before beginning the training.

  3. Selecting a small number (5) students fulfilling the requirements needed to master the one year training course.

  4. Starting with the training course with the focus on both theory and practice. The ARI professional optician will teach in cooperation with the local ophthalmologists.

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