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Respiratory Training

Location: General Hospital

Project period: April 2009 to June 2015 – on going

ARI visited the local hospitals to investigate their needs for Respiratory Therapy training. After initial observations it was noticed that further training on how to administer oxygen and how to use the various respiratory equipment properly would be of great advantage. ARI began a program of education (three mornings a week) for the staff of the ICU in the General hospital and two mornings a week held seminar preparation.

These programs have been accepted well by all the staff and hospital leadership. The hospital leadership are pleased for ARI to be working in the hospitals sharing skills and helping to lift the standard of care. During this  project new ventilator machines arrived at the hospital and ARI was able to teach medical staff how to use these effectively.

An ARI worker has returned after receiving specific targeted training to provide specialized training in the area of Respiratory Therapy.

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