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Kerosene distribution in Baziyan

On 28 January 2017, the NGO "ARI" distributed 950 cans of kerosene to over 450 Syrian refugee families. We filled a total of 18,000 litre of kerosene, which was a lot of money for our small NGO. Each family received 2 canisters (40l), which is enough for almost 2 weeks. That's not much, but it was a welcome support just before the coldest two weeks of this winter. These refugees have been living in Baziyan for three to five years. Though many have a small income as day labourer, they often struggle to meet their daily needs.

Special thanks go to the many donors in Europe who made this distribution possible. Also to the UNHCR, which donated the canisters and REACH, who organised their transport. We also thank our Kurdish and international friends who helped us with the filling and distribution.

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